Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Raid Week 6/12-6/18

Got a few things this week.  My Hunter's pulled ahead of my Shaman again (395 to 393), but it cost me 10k to do it. *laugh*

Dust: LFR: Healer Legs
Jab2: LFR:  Vial of Shadows.  GDKP Run: Tier Helm for 4k, Kiril for 13k.  Got 7.5k back at the end.
Amashan: Nada.
Token alliance character:  Ok, this was frustrating.  I got into a 10-man DS PuG, blasted through it smoothly (only 1 wipe), and not a single Protector token dropped.  Didn't get anything out of it at all.  (Other than her Destroyer's End title, which was nice).

I think HWNN is doing Firelands this week instead of DS, so I'll take Dustweaver through the GDKP run instead of Jabarii this time.

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