Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Raid week: 6-5/6-11

Bleh week.

Dust: HWNN only got through Blackthorn - for some reason we didn't have nearly enough DPS for Spine (when we need Lust to get a tendon down in one shot, and barely at that - that's not good).  She got a Seal Trinket for her healing spec at least.

Jab2: GDKP run tried Morchok on heroic a few times.  Didn't kill it - we didn't have nearly enough healers for the first few attempts, then the Korchom-group kept dying.  (I was in the Morchok-group, and we were consistantly fine).  That, combined with a large pile of Ultraxion wipes only got us through Blackthorn as well.  Picked up the Tier Legs for 3500, got 4200 back at the end.

Nothing at all from LFR for those two, either. :(

Mashy: Ilvl 386 flower picker. *laugh*.

Token Alliance character: Went through LFR, got nada.

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