Friday, June 15, 2012

FICS Game #1 w/ RockyRook

Played the first game (of hopefully 4) against RockyRook on FICS last night.  Grabbed the first pawn of many, making a horrific tactical error in the process.  I thought I was ok against the pin, but d4 wasn't the only square that White's queen could attack the knight from.  BAH.

Rocky missed it, and I showed my immense pawn-grabbing skills, totally ignoring my queenside development in the process.  I was able to lock up the kingside though so my king was safe, and eventually was ready to give up an exchange to completely develop (for like 4 pawns though, including a monster on c4.  Rocky let me extract my queen a different way which would have let my QB out without trouble, and then left a piece en-prise trying to save more pawns.

Time control was 75 minutes with a 15 sec. increment for each move.  I had the Black pieces.

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