Sunday, June 17, 2012

John Palermo Game #4

Another game, another loss.  This one I played very poorly, other than the opening.

This was a King's Indian, which is probably the opening I know the best of my d4/c4 repertoire.  (The other one that I see a lot of is the QGA, so I'm very comfortable there as well.)  He played the opening quite poorly, and I have a completely won game on move 14.

Of course, I blew it.  Multiple times.

Not much to say about this one, it's definitely the worst of the four that I played.  Black's moves weren't any great shakes, either, but good enough to win.


  1. I wouldn't have considered this to be a bad game.

    I feel that where you really went wrong was 31.Qc3? My blitz move here would have been 31.Qc1 (b4 can't be taken), but now I am wanting to know what is wrong with 31.Rxa6!? Instead, you gave up a critical check, allowing 31.Qd1+.

    You aren't losing here. Simply take a pawn such as the d6 pawn or a6 pawn, and then sac the exchange, and White has the initiative back. It's also worth thinking about the king and pawn endgame if queens were to come off.

    You mistakenly kept it dangerous opposite-color bishop and queen middlegame, and that is why you lost, particularly considering the tempo given up with check, allowing a three piece attack on your king.

  2. 31. Rxa6?? doesn't work - Qd1+ 32. Kf2 Bd8 and the coming check on b6 is death.

    I do like 31. Qc1 though. 31 ... Bd8 32. Rxd6 then:
    32 ... Bb6 33. Rxb6! Qxb6 34. Qc5 (just like you said - this is winning for White)
    32 ... a5 then what? If my queen wanders away it's a perpetual (which may be fine at this point, true) - something like 33. Rxd8 Rxd8 34. Qc7+ Kh6 35. Qxd8 and it's a draw. Not sure if I have something better at this point. *shrug*

    I was pretty sure that if I got the queens off it was winning - h5 is awful for him and b5 is as well (as it's on my bishop's color). I was trying to get them off - that was the idea behind Qc3. *shrug*

    I'm mostly mad at myself for missing the stuff early - I really gotta get that capturing sequence correct at move 20. :(

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