Sunday, June 17, 2012

John Palermo Game #2

This is game #2 from the tourney.  White plays the Grand Prix against my Sicilian, but we get "out of book" really, really quickly.  Again I get a good position, but I can't figure out how to break through on the queenside and I get into major time trouble.  There were a couple of times I could have broken through, but I missed them both times (well, I looked at the first one and rejected it for some reason).

Specific questions
- I really wasn't worried about my king at all this game.  Does that seem reasonable?
- Move 9 suggestions?
- Any other breakthrough ideas other than the ones found by Shredder (in the notes)?
- I used a HUGE amount of time between moves 12 and 18 - nearly 30 minutes of my 55.  Most of it was on moves 16 and 17.  Any tips to try to find candidate moves more quickly?
- I kept looking at breaking with f6 at various points - is that even a good idea, and when should I have done it?  I ended up deciding against it as it would have let his bishop back into the game.

Opening analysis according to "Experts on the Anti-Sicilian", by Aagaard, Shaw, and others.

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