Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Raid Week 5/29-6/4

For each week raiding, the characters usually go as follows:
Dustweaver: Horde with No Name weekly raid + LFR.
Jabarii: Lazzy's GDKP run(*) + LFR.
Amashan: LFR (usually, not always)
Alliance Dust: LFR.

(*) Lazzy does a 25-man GDKP run every Sunday at 1:00 server that I've gotten in to for the past few weeks.  The way GDKP (aka: "gold run") works is that when stuff drops he runs an auction where people bid gold to buy the item - for these runs it's 3000G min and 500G raises.  It's an "out loud" auction, not silent.

At the end of the run (5:00 server, regardless of which boss you're on), all the gold collected is then split evenly among the raid members.  For his runs, Lazzy keeps an extra share (so it's split 26 ways instead of 25), but he provides Flasks and Feasts for everyone.  He also keeps the Maelstroms for everything not bid on.  It works surprisingly well, and the runs tend to go fairly smoothly as people that AFK or grief or are terrible players get kicked out so they don't get gold at the end - that's a great incentive to "play nice".

Not a bad week at all raiding.  Took Dust through on a 10-man PuG as the whole guild was playing D3 instead. *sigh*

Dustweaver: DPS Ring, Healer Belt
Jabarii: Tier Chest and Shoulders.  Paid 7000 for those, got 7200 back at the end.  Perfect!  Would have been better if DW didn't drop TWO of the stupid rogue daggers though, or if we'd had any Warriors at all so that the two Experimental Specimen Slicers and great trinkets went for more than 3k.
Amashan: Nothing that I remember.
Token alliance character: Finally got her LFR Maw.  About time!

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