Monday, June 4, 2012

Every good story starts in the middle...

... since nobody can go back to the beginning of time!

So we'll pick up with where I am now. This is going to track my random doings and thoughts on gaming, mostly with World of Warcraft and Chess (as those are what I'm playing at the moment). Will track what I'm doing of course (isn't that why everyone blogs?), but also post my thoughts about theory for both with an eye to generating discussion. I'll also likely touch on other games as the mood strikes.

At the moment, I'm a Class B chessplayer - current USCF rating is 1680, but it's a pretty "rusty" 1680 as I'm just picking the game up again after completely dropping it for nearly 20 years. Started back up about six months ago and am just now feeling like I remember something about how to play.

For WoW, I played Vanilla and BC, then missed WotLK and most of Cata, just re-starting that six months ago as well. I'm mainly on Kilrogg Horde, with a token alliance character on Gnomeregan. Guilded immediately with Horde with No Name as it has a bunch of old friends and co-workers and is a great group to boot.

I was originally going to play a Moonkin as my main as there weren't any spell-leather users in guild, but the spec just does terrible DPS so I switched to an Enhancement Shaman instead (even though we have 2 Hunters and a Resto Shaman in the 10-man). The Shaman is 5000% more fun, and almost 5000% more effective than the Moonkin is! So we'll pick up the story from here (or last week, in any case!)

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